Services and Fees

CHIRO-FIT focuses solely on the detection and correction of subluxations by using their hands to provide the adjustment.  We do NOT accept insurance.  We provide maintenance adjustments helping the body to self-regulate & heal with the desire to get the nervous system functioning at full capacity, improving communication between brain and body.


  • Initial Visit:  $45 (Exam, Consultation, Adjustment, HM)
  • Regular Adjustment:  $30 (Detection & Correction of subluxation)
  • Hydro/Roller Massage Add-On: $5 (10-12 minutes)

  • We DO detect and correct subluxations (vertebrae are out of normal alignment resulting in disruption of normal nerve functioning; often resulting in symptoms)
  • We are NOT a Medicare provider
  • We do NOT accept/bill insurance and/or 3rd parties
  • We do NOT provide care for either personal injury (car accidents) or Workers Compensation injuries