F (Foundation) - When you build a foundation you must build it on a rock. We all have a general idea of what it means to be healthy; eat right, exercise, self-care of our bodies along with a strong faith structure. Knowing the necessary steps to increase overall wellness and refusing to engage in them is like building your foundation on sand; when faced with thoughts, traumas and toxins your body will not endure. Make today your starting point to establish a healthier lifestyle. It's time to adjust your LIFE.

I (Innate) - Our bodies were created with an innate intelligence. It provides the means of life within us. It functions by using our nervous system highways of which we breath, we think, we move, and we heal. Health is defined as "the state of being free from illness or injury" (1). Through chiropractic adjustments we aim to remove spinal misalignment's (subluxations) that may be inhibiting our innate abilities to accomplish its given task and a healthier you. It's time to adjust your HEALTH.

T (Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins) - People often ask the question "why do I need regular maintenance adjustments?" The answer is the Three-Ts'. We live in a demanding world. Whether it be our 40+ hour work weeks, running to each of our kids sporting events, attending our daily gym regiment, stuck in the monotonous daily traffic or fast food convenience are consistently exposing our body to increased stress. Your emotional Thoughts (anxiety, frustration), Traumas (injury, excessive workouts, past experiences) or even the Toxins (food, Rx, drinks, etc) we take in daily can cause altered responses by our nervous system. When faced with this chronic stress to the body we often implement fight-or-flight responses. This can result in keeping the body in a cyclic state of emergency. This process increases the likelihood of reoccurring spinal misalignment's (subluxations) in the body. Studies show that arthritic conditions increase in an immobilized joint as early as 7-10 days. You don't brush your teeth once per year or after you have established gum disease/tooth decay; instead you brush them daily for maintenance in preventing these problems. We focus on the same preventative steps for your spine. All the above reasons are why we recommend receiving maintenance adjustments every 1-2 weeks resulting in decreased interference on the spine, increasing production of healthy cells and an improved innate ability to function and heal. It's time to adjust your SPINE.


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